Smart Cities

The new buzzword seems to be “smart” such as smart homes, smartphones or smart security as a few examples. Now, this trend of “smart” is spilling over into the concept of smart cities.

What Makes a Smart City?

Some countries have already taken steps to make their cities smarter, or in other words more efficient.


This country has put some of their focus on their streets and pedestrian safety. The crosswalks have been designed so they can identify pedestrian movement. Here those wanting to use a crosswalk don’t have to push any buttons.


Here they have come up with a creative way to deal with parking congestion. Drivers can use an app that will tell them where there is some available road parking.


One of the more exciting concepts of smart cities is the steps that London has taken with the construction of living walls. This concept shows how cities and nature can be compatible with each other.

Canadian Approach to Smart Cities

Canada likes the idea of smart cities so much that they set up a challenge. This is a competition that is being classed as a pan-Canadian event. Meaning it is open to all communities within Canada. The prizes are well worth going after. There is one for the amount of $50 million. Two for $10. Million and a third for $5. Million. The challenge closed on April 24, 2018. Some of the criteria for a community to be a contender consisted of;

  • Earn a good living
  • Move around my community
  • Healthy environment
  • Empowerment

Communities had to focus on incentives and ideals with these concepts being of importance as well as several others. This was no doubt a creative way for the Canadian government to encourage cities to develop resources that would have an impact on their region.