BMO is another very well known and highly respected bank in Canada. It is important to recognize how financial institutions have an impact on the environment. Even if they don’t want to be proactive in this regard they are still involved in their investments. Banks such as this loan money and invest in many different types of businesses that have an impact on the environment.

What Makes the BMO Environment Efforts Newsworthy?==

Climate Change

There is a lot of controversy going on in other countries regarding climate change. Particularly in the United States. Canada however, on the whole, has stuck to its concept that climate change is real. The Bank of Montreal apparently feels the same way about climate change as it is something they have chosen to become proactive in. Their approach to how they can have a positive presence in climate change revolves around several different commitments they are dedicated to.

Their focus is on responsible investing. They have committed to $170m in lending for the renewables industry. They have also focused on emission reduction within their own establishments. In addition, they are a big investor in carbon credits.

Carbon Neutrality

One of the impressive factors about BMOs involvement in the environment is that this isn’t something they have just become involved in the last year or two. Their commitments and achievement go back to 2008. Which includes their carbon neutrality achievements. They developed a well-structured plan for emissions reduction within their business operations. Although each progression through their plan led to some success this Bank is not satisfied and is intent on doing more.

Environmental Policy

This Bank has developed an environmental policy that acts as news information for those that want to know the mandates that this financial institution has set for itself. They keep this up to date and informative.