In order to protect the Oak Ridges Moraine, it called for the development of an Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Pan.

The Plan’s Purpose

The main purpose of the plan is to protect the hydrology and ecology components of the region. The plan keeps control of what the land can be used for within the moraine. The plan allows for the provision of direction to many different governing bodies that have the power to make decisions about the moraine. The region’s ecosystems heavily rely on the health and integrity of the Oak

Ridges Moraine.

Setting Objectives

Any plan has to have set criteria or a set of objectives. For the ecological planning for the Oak Ridges Moraine, there are many goals.

  • Protection of the ecology and hydrology components of the moraine.
  • Careful control of the use of the land
  • Maintenance improvement of the moraine including restoration when and where necessary
  • Compatibility with land and resource use
  • Allowance for development while allowing the integrity of the moraine to remain stable
  • Making the moraine accessible to the public for their pleasure and enjoyment

A Happy Balance

It takes some intricate planning to suit the needs of the population while maintaining the integrity of the environment of the Oak Ridges Moraine. The core areas that are considered natural must be protected and undisturbed. Areas that link the spaces between the various regions within the moraine must be preserved. The countryside areas have to be identified and well planned for.

Land developers are most often aware of the keen interest that is placed on this moraine and know the challenges they will face if they have plans to build or develop regions within the moraine. They also understand the importance of this. Even though there is a lot of land in this region its importance for hydrology an ecology has to be the priority.