If one wonders how important the Oak Ridges Moraine is to Ontario and beyond it only takes knowing that it possesses the headwaters of many different rivers and streams. In fact these total sixty-five in all.

Its Diversity

One of the many important components of this moraine is how diversified it is with its components.


Woodlands are groupings of forests that are low density. The value of this is it allows for the penetration of lots of sunlight which can reach the lower terrain and encourage the growth of different types of foliage.


Just as the name implies it is a section of land that is laden with water. In some cases, this can be a seasonal occurrence. Other times it is a permanent condition.


Watercourses are bodies of water that can be used to navigate on. Navigation can be for a variety of different purposes.

Kettle Lakes

These are small groupings of waters sometimes called a kettle hole. They originate from glaciers or from floodwaters.

The Oak Ridges moraine contains all of these components and more. It is easy to see with this diversity why they would be an attraction for a large array of wildlife.

Happy Valley Forests

A region contained within the Oak Ridges Moraine. It is mostly wooded swamps and smaller wetland areas. For those looking at the land they may not see any useful purpose of this. For those who appreciate ecology, they realize the true value of this. It has been noted that there are over one hundred species of birds inhabiting this region. Some of which have been identified as endangered.

Many Different Areas Within the Oak Ridges Moraine

This moraine is made up of many different regions. All of which hold a great deal of ecological importance. The organizations that have taken on the task of protecting this moraine have a huge area to cover.