Ecology takes on many different forms. It is a critical component of the Canadian environment just as it is for every country. Ecology refers to the study of organisms. Specifically in respect to how they interact and how they function in their respective environment. The study of ecology encompasses many different categories which include;

  • The study of organisms
  • The study of the population
  • The study of communities
  • The study of the biosphere

It all sounds very technical which the actual study of ecology is. But, many don’t realize they are exposed to ecology on a daily basis. The food you eat involves ecology, or the mould that is forming in dark corners of your basement all comes under the umbrella of ecology.

The Environment

Every segment of ecology involves the environment in one way, shape or form. For this reason, those who are keen on preserving the Oak Ridge Moraine have a keen interest in ecology as well as hydrology.

Ecology is a Fascinating Subject

Being as ecology has an effect on all living matter it makes it an intriguing subject. It is usually taken for granted. Not too many people question why plants, animals and different types of growing organisms can greatly differ in different parts of the world. The weather environment is a big factor in this but there is a lot more to it.

A good example of this is the growth of mould. Some species of mould needs a specific amount of water to thrive, while other species don’t need water but they need human skin cells. The study of ecology helps to reveal the intricacies of this.

Ecology is Everyone’s Responsibility

Given the importance of ecology in respect to the well being of the world it is everyone’s responsibility to have a basic understanding about it. That way they can adopt a do no harm type of attitude. Which is what the protectors of the Oak Ridges Moraine strive for.