Hydrology may sound strange but what it really is, is the study of water. That in itself gives a clear indication of how important a subject this is and how complex it can be.

How Much Water Do Canadians Use?

It is estimated that the average Canadian per day uses about 329 litres. That is a lot of water and to get a true appreciation of this just look at one bottle of water which is 500ml. So two of these make up one litre. Meaning that if you lined up 329×2 bottles of water that are the average used by a Canadian individual daily.

The Study of Hydrology

The study of Hydrology is a Science. It is broken down into segments;

  • water occurrences
  • water distribution
  • water movement
  • water properties
  • water relationships

The Hydrology Professionals

As a science, the study of it is comprised of professionals. These professionals are called Hydrologists. They possess specific skills in science and mathematics. Their main job is to be the problem solvers. When it comes to;

  • The quantity of water that is available
  • The availability of that water
  • The quality of the water

Different Roles of the Hydrologist

Research into the hydrology of the Oak Ridges Moraine began back in the 1970’s. This type of research requires a specific type of professional. Every hydrologist may be tasked with providing solutions to specific problems within the different environment. Such as;

  • Finding adequate water supplies for cities
  • Detecting water for farm irrigation
  • The control of flooding
  • Erosion solutions
  • Environmental Protection

This is just a short list of the different positions that a hydrologist may be required to fill. Many of these professionals choose to specialize in one of the many areas that are within their scope of training. There are some excellent career opportunities in hydrology. Students entering this profession will need to focus on a lot of different topics. It can require complex education and training.