Canada is well known for its amazing resources. It is one of the many countries that are trying to keep up with their hydrology and ecology responsibilities. The country has many regions of vital importance to these two segments of the environment. A good example of this is the Oak Ridge Moraine. There are also many thriving businesses in this country many of which are creative and innovative.

Selling Bottled Air

Canada also has a great advantage of enjoying clean air. Although here too it is an ongoing battle against pollution. But, not nearly as severe as what other countries are facing such as China. Many in this country are so desperate for clean air that they are actually buying it in bottled form from Canada.

Ski Resort Air

The idea of selling bottled air may be an innovative one, but also one that comes with some skepticism. The whole idea came about from an individual selling a baggie of air on eBay. It started off as a joke but the bagged air did sell and as a result, its provider took a more serious approach to it.

Now the promoter of the bottled air travels to Banff ski resort to bottle the air from here as there is no question the air is pure and fresh. There doesn’t seem to be any scientific reasoning behind the bottled air as to its benefits but the producers of this bottled air believe that it’s more than just a gimmick.

The Reality

What this adventure really depicts is the reality of not only the importance of clean air but how climate change when it comes to hydrology and ecology is having an effect on individuals far more now than it did in the past. People are feeling the effects of polluted air. Not just in China but some parts of Canada too, as well as many other parts of the world.