Canada is not about to take a back seat to any country when it comes to climate change. It like many other countries are committed to preserving the environment. With the US being under a new presidency and one that doesn’t believe in climate change, it does create some additional challenges for Canada. Being as the US and Canada are such close neighbors.

The Canadian Approach

Prime minister Trudeau is stirring up momentum in the Canadian people to rally behind his incentives. This is because actions taken are going to have an impact in some direct way on every Canadian.

The Importance of Climate Change

Climate change is going to have an effect on many different parts of Canada. Such as the Oak Ridges Moraine. This ridge of land plays an important role as the division for the watershed between two important lakes which is Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe. The Canadian government pays close attention to this region and will monitor what effects client change may have on it. As well as many other important areas that make up the Canadian environment.

It has been determined that greenhouse gases are one of the major contributors to climate change. This is one of the reasons that many countries are banding together to make commitments to reduce these emissions. This has got to be a global affair if the fight against greenhouse emissions is to be successful.

Ecological Impact

The Canadian government under Mr. Trudeau’s leadership is taking initiatives against global warming also because of the ecological impact it is having. Climate change is creating extreme weather patterns. All of which over time is going to have a dramatic effect on all types of wildlife. Some of which is already happening.

The preservation of lands like the Oak Ridges Moraine and a proactive approach to global warming is what the Canadian government is intent on.