Canada is a vast country with plenty of lands. Or, so it seems but red flags are being raised about the consumption of land for new build projects. The Ontario government is raising concerns about this and is tightening up their anti-sprawl policies.

A vacant land articles went into depth as to why there is a concern in some parts of Canada and particularly Ontario.

What is the Anti-Sprawl Policy?

It technically is a growth management policy and one that can affect both the cities and the suburbs. It is a set of regulations that have designed to help keep track of the construction growth and its impact on the environment particularly when it comes to land usage.

There are three main purposes when it comes to Ontario’s anti-sprawl policy.

  • Protection of agricultural land
  • Maintaining and building of communities
  • To protect the natural heritage systems

Future Development

The policy mandates that 60% will be done in neighbourhoods that already exist. This puts a great restriction on builders who are hoping to buy up raw land for their building projects.

Protection of Natural Heritage Systems

The protection of these systems lends a helping had to the protection of hydrology and ecology. Important factors for regions like the Oak Ridges Moraine. Two vital systems for the preservation of mankind. If one thinks that there is still plenty of lands to be used then one needs to look at how much of the wildlife in Canada is moving into populated territories.

Possible Solutions

Many don’t feel that the anti-sprawl policy is going to be very effective. But, at least it shows that some recognition is being made of the potential problems of land usage. By having it regulated it keeps it in the minds of all those that are involved. Other solutions will probably lie with creative thinking in the building industry.