Financial institutions play a big role in the environment. They do so in many different segments and as a result of this many of the large banks have committed to creating environmental projects and commitments to help them do their part.

Scotia Bank Environment Program

The crux of the Scotia Bank environmental program: is to pay close attention to their own commitment to the environment and the impact they are having.

Main Goals

As a lending institution, the Bank of Nova Scotia is committed to the type of investments they keep close tracking as to how these investments will help to sustain the environment. They look at this not only from a social risk factor but for environmental factors.

Climate Change

The Scotia Bank is heavily committed to making changes to have less impact on climate change. Their main focus is on emission reduction and they are keen on programs that focus on this.


In order to be proactive in their quest against emissions, Scotia Bank has formed alliances with various organizations.

Credit Auto Program

This is a program that takes place in Mexico. The bank is focusing on making vehicles more affordable that are classed as being ecologically friendly.

Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

This is a program that is intent on government leaders and bringing them together for one common cause. This is in conjunction with creating accessibility for the public as well as civil society. The focus of this coalition is based on carbon pricing.

The Scotia Bank is also played an important role on helping to provide financing for renewable energy. Another significant contribution was Scotia Bank being the first to bring forward new sustainable tools for investing. This is part of the Scotia iTrade program.

Every industry that is environmentally conscious is going to have their own approach as to the best way that they can contribute on the whole.