The TD Bank is another large banking institution that serves both the Canadian private sector as well as business. They too have taken on the role of being an environmentally responsible entity. They believe that as an investor that they need to do so responsibly.

A First for the TD Bank

Every financial institution likes to be unique that includes their involvement in society on the whole. When it comes to the environment their first focus was on their operational footprint to be the first to carbon neutral.

Client Encouragement

TD has also made the decision to be proactive in encouraging their clients to set environmental goals. They have adopted a ‘spread the word” content. They are achieving this by offering as many environmentally friendly products and services as they can. Then encouraging their clients to make use of these.

Financing with Responsibility

Banks are in the business to make money. But, at the same time, they have a commitment to the communities that they serve. This bank monitors their financing programs to determine what and if any impact they are having on the environment but positive and negative in nature.

Accolades to Be Proud of

TD wants it to be known that they are taking their responsibilities seriously. They are proud of some of the accolades they have received. One of these is CDP top score for the 2016 Canadian Bank for management and carbon performance. They also in the same year were named as being one of the top greenest employers. They have held this title for eight straight years.

Banks have such a strong impact on the economy that it is very important that they set examples such as what the TD bank is doing. They have developed their own programs and have launched a stron organization like the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.