It is important to look at what the different Banks do in regards to their participation in sustaining the environment. They need to be looked at individually because they each have adopted their own approach and interests. The Royal Bank just like TD and Scotia Banks have developed their own environmental initiatives.

RBC Blue Water Project

Hydrology is an important segment of the environment. Without water, there would be no life. RBC has recognized the importance of this. They have opted to support various charitable organizations that are committed to clean water supplies. One may think that because Canada is not a third world country that clean water would not be an issue. Yet, many of the provinces including Ontario have their own challenges when it comes to clean water. The Royal Bank supports clean water projects on a global level. Even though this is a Canadian bank Canada has a commitment to the rest of the world.

The Now House

The Royal Bank is one of the leading lending institutions when it comes to the Canadian building industry. The bank is committed to responsible lending. One of the projects they are heavily involved in is the “now house”. These are houses that are being built with efficiency in mind when it comes to energy. As well as renovations that are implementing eco-friendly components.

Green Powered Branches

This Bank is also intent on setting an example when it comes to preserving the environment. They have 100 branches that operate on emission-free power. This puts this bank on par with other outstanding acts that other Banks are being recognized for.

These are just some of the highlights that make the Royal Bank’s involvement in the environment newsworthy. They took like many of the other financial institutions are intent on passing the world along. They strive to educate their clients as to the importance of environmental involvement.